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Birds Of A Feather Avicultural Society
A Society for those who choose companionship of exotic birds.

Why Join?
From Canaries to Macaws. Whether you own just one bird or an entire aviary, Birds Of A Feather Avicultural Society offers you an opportunity to:

bulletMeet others who enjoy birds.
bulletLearn about the latest advances in the world of aviculture.
bulletEnjoy the excitement of bird shows.
bulletTake part in seasonal auctions and other recreational activities.

So Join today and share some time with others like yourself who enjoy the companionship of exotic birds.

About the Society
Birds Of A Feather Avicultural Society (BOAF) established in 1986, is dedicated to the care and enjoyment of exotic birds.

In it's short history, BOAF has transcended into one of the largest avicultural societies in New England. National recognition was gained when BOAF hosted the National Cage Bird Show in 1994 and again in 2001 along with the Great American Bird Show in 1996.

BOAF sponsors seasonal auctions and an annual bird show. Monthly meetings include guest speakers on topics from bird healthcare to breeding and handfeeding techniques. BOAF addresses all audiences from novice pet bird owners to advanced breeders.