The following companies, organizations, and individuals help sponsor the show.

bulletNational Cockatiel Society - NCS Member and Judge Phil Feret has donated a pair of Cockatiels to be raffled.

cinnHenNcbs.jpg (53508 bytes)

Split Pied Hen


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Cinnamon Pearl 
Split Pied Cock

Hatch: 10-17-2000

bullet Boundries Unlimited - makers of Avimate Breeder Software - we will be raffling a copy of
Avimate 3.
bulletCurrent Sponsors of Birds Of A Feather that helped get us here.

53rd NCBS T-Shirt

We are producing a custom shirt for this years show featuring pictures of some of our members birds.  

Our T-Shirt Sponsors


bulletDodge Grain Co. - Salem NH. (603) 893-3739
bulletScarlett Feeds


bulletGet-a-Pet - Manchester NH
bulletBlue and Grey Aviary and Supply
bulletThe Parrotlet Ranch
bulletNaturezone Products
bulletBird Talk


bulletCNC Aviary
bulletB&G Aviaries
bulletGarth Birds
bulletJoyful Noise Aviary
bulletHamelin Aviary

The 2001 NCBS T-Shirt

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Boaf5birds4_1.jpg (51154 bytes)

Pictures of the Birds for the 2001 NCBS T-Shirt

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glosterCanary_w.jpg (19902 bytes)

Gloster Canary

budgie_w.jpg (21936 bytes)

Blue Opaline American Budgie

creminoLovebird_w.jpg (18922 bytes)

Cremino Lovebird

tielGrey_w.jpg (32310 bytes)

Normal Grey Cockatiel

goldiesLorikeet_w.jpg (25070 bytes)

Goldies Lorikeet

Photographs are the property of their owners and BOAF and may not be reproduced.
Photography by Allen Fox