This area will provide information on Show Bird Registration as it becomes available.

Bird Sales Rules

  1. The Bird Sales Room will be available to all show attendees. Please properly identify your birds and indicate if they are pets or breeders.
  2. Sellers must house the birds to be sold in a clean, appropriately sized cage with food and water. Do not overcrowd the birds.
  3. BOAF will not accept sick birds for sale and will remove any sick birds from the room.
  4. Only birds for sale may be brought into the bird sales room.
  5. BOAF handling fee: $1.00 per bird paid before birds are put on sale.
  6. Owners may, at their option, assist BOAF personnel with sales.
  7. BOAF cashiers will handle ALL financial transactions in the bird sales room.
  8. BOAF commission: 10% of ALL sales.
  9. Sellers will be paid at the end of the show.
  10. Payment must be in cash except BOAF and NCBS members who joined prior to October 1, 2001 may pay with either cash or check.
  11. BOAF will not be responsible for loss of birds, cages or any other items from any cause whatsoever.
  12. BOAF will be the final arbiter of the rules and reserves the right to amend or revise them should BOAF deem it necessary.