Judging Categorys

All judging occurs on Friday November 16, 2001.




Border Canaries Malcom Barnett Expo Center
Type Canaries Keith Ferry Expo Center
Gloster Canaries Kevin Galvin Expo Center
Old Variety Canaries Gordon Plumb Expo Center
Hartz Canaries Mark Whiteaker Expo Center
Fife Fancy Canaries David Lumsden Expo Center
Colorbred Lipochrome Canaries Ignacio Perea Expo Center
Colorbred Melanin (Classics) Canaries Tony Farrugia Expo Center
Colorbred Melanin (New Color) Canaries Sjaak De Jong Expo Center
American Singer Canaries Mike Seiler Salon A
Waterslager Canaries TBA Raytheon A & B
Spanish Timbrado Canaries Sr. D. Francisco Nicolás San José Raytheon C & D
Roller Canaries TBA Hospitality Suite 
Finches & Softbills Martha Wigmore Expo Center
Parrots Clarence Culwell Expo Center
Lovebirds, Rares & Eye-Rings Leslie Wagner Expo Center
Lovebirds, Peachfaced Phil Ryan Expo Center
Cockatiels Keith Reimer Expo Center

Click to see the Center of NH Floor Plan

Click to see the Center of NH Floor Plan.

Note: Raytheon A-D are located upstairs near the Assembly Area.



The two most prestigious awards for which bird breeders and exhibitors vie are the Kellogg and Scannell Trophies.  Generously donated each year by Scott Pet Products  these trophies have contributed greatly to making the National Cage Bird Show the outstanding gathering of bird exhibitors from all over the United States and beyond.


The History of the Kellogg Trophy is the History of The National Cage Bird Show

Discussions about the national show to promote the bird fancy began in 1947.  The first National Cage Bird Show, under the auspices of the Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club, was held in 1949.  Henry (Pat) Scannell, then the head of Kellogg's Seed and Supply Co., provided trophies for Best Unflighted.  Soon these were designated as Best in Division and since the early 1950's have been of the distinct design each year.

Don Stein, owner of Kellogg, instituted an award to memorialize the years of effort and support by Henry Scannel.  This is the top award of the show, the Scannell.

Kelloggs Seed and Supply is now part of Scott Pet Products and both have been very important to the continued success of NCBS.