Host Clubs

Birds Of A Feather Avicultural Society - Located in Manchester New Hampshire is the host of the National Cage Bird Show.  Visit their web site to learn more about them.

National Cage Bird Show

Specialty Clubs and Meeting Times

Specialty Club Meetings are held during the show. The following clubs will have scheduled meetings.  Floor Plan of Expo Center.




Thursday November 15, 2001

7 PM Asiatic Breeders Society Frost
Stafford Canary Club of America Hawthorne
American Waterslager Society Dartmouth
8 PM International Parrotlet Society Frost
Spanish Timbrado Society of America Hawthorne
9 PM North American Parrot Society Hawthorne
National Gloster Club Frost
Yorkshire Canary Club of America Dartmouth

Saturday November 17, 2001

7 AM Norwich Plainhead Canary Club Dartmouth
North American Border Club Frost
8 AM American Cockatiel Society Dartmouth
American Norwich Society Hawthorne
9 AM Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors Dartmouth
National Colorbred Association Frost
International Gloster Breeders Hawthorne
10 AM National Finch & Softbill Society Dartmouth
National Gloster Club E-4
11 AM African Lovebird Society Dartmouth
Hartz Canary Club Frost
Old Varieties Canary Association Hawthorne
12 Noon International Fife Fancy Club of America Frost
1 PM National Cockatiel Society Dartmouth
International Columbus Fancy Hawthorne
2 PM NCBS General Board Meeting Armory