Subject: IMPORTANT - Kaytee Handfeeding Formula - 4-10-12

Final lab results were concluded on Friday and indicated that product was produced incorrectly. Involved was one production batch of Handfeeding Formula for Baby Birds and one of Macaw Handfeeding Formula. Both of these have levels of vitamin D3 that may cause kidney damage, the severity of which will be dependent on the species being fed, age of babies fed and the duration of feeding.

The following packaging code dates are of concern:

Product Code/SKU/
Material #
UPC CodeSizeLot/Serial No.Product Name/DescriptionBest Before Code (day month yr)
100032326 071859475106/7.5 oz.A1Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Birds 21 Mar 13 through 20 Apr 13
100032328 071859475116/18 oz.A2Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 9 Mar 13 through 19 Apr 13
100032330 071859475124/5 lb.A3*Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 14 Mar 13, 30 Mar 13 and 16 May 13
100032336 0718594751822 lb.A4Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Bird 21 Mar 13, 13 Apr 13 and 16 May 13
100032337 071859475154/5 lb.B1Kaytee exact® Hand Feeding Formula Baby Macaw 1 Mar 13, 14 Mar 13 and 19 Apr 13

Products and product lots that do not appear on the list above are NOT affected. Please distribute this information as necessary. More details will be distributed by Kaytee in the next couple of days regarding product replacement and evaluation of potential problems. Contact your reseller or Kaytee for more information.

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