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Avian Associations
Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors
We are an affiliated club.
American Federation of Aviculture
The AFA is a federation, comprised of over 200 affiliated bird clubs and organizations representing over 50,000 aviculturists.
UpAtSix Links to Avian Associations
Many links to all the major Avian Associations. UpAtSix hosts quite a few.
National Cockatiel Society
NCS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information on the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of Cockatiels.
American Cockatiel Society
Established in 1976 as an international non-profit organization, dedicated to the improvement and standardization of the Cockatiel and its mutations.
Midwest Avian Research Expo
Group of pet bird owners, aviculturists, and veterinarians whose common goal is to produce research dollars to further the lives of our birds.
Association of Avian Veterinarians
Advancing and Promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship.
International Aviculturists Society
IAS is a Group of Aviculturists from around the world striving to Protect, Preserve,& Enhance the keeping & breeding of all Exotic birds.
Parrot Society of Australia
Dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of information on the breeding, keeping, care and conservation of all parrot species.
National Cage Bird Show Club
Sponsors of the of the National Cage Bird Show.
Educational Links
The Complete Lexicon of Parrots
Another site with lot's of species information.
The Parrot Pages 
The webmaster's site.  Over 2100 Links to many avian associations, informative sites, and pictures. Also links to over 180 cockatiel pictures.
Birds'n'Ways Species Information
You can search for species related sites.  It also has links to species information.
Let's Celebrate Pet Birds
Doc Lafeber's book is online for the internet community to benefit from.  Lafeber also donates products to our club raffles.
Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
HARI is located in Rigaud, Quebec, and was established in 1985 to study the captive breeding and maintenance of companion birds.
Online Magazines
Companion Parrot Quarterly
Good Bird Magazine
Bird Talk Online
Bird Placement Program Magazine (Refuge & Bird Care)
Birds'n'Ways Winged Wisdom 
Australian Birdkeeper Magazine
BOAF Member Sites 
The Parrot Pages
With over 2100 Avian links we have searched the web so you don't have to.
Species Related Sites
Parrotlet Ranch 
Breeders who specialize in hand-fed pets as well as rare species and subspecies of parrotlets.  Good information and articles on Parrotlets.  Also home to the International Parrotlet Society.
Quaker Parakeet Information Center
Popular site for Quakers.

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This page was last updated December 06, 2006.