1999 Show Pics

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1999 BOAF Show Pictures

Each picture is a thumbnail.  Click on the picture to see it full size.

Top 5 in Show

1999 BOAF Fall Show Award Winners

Best Bird in Show
Green Fischers Lovebird
shown by Fred & Linda Buckley

2nd Best Bird in Show
Lutino Greenfinch
shown by Tim Roche

3rd Best Bird in Show
Green Indian Ringneck
shown by Denise Bourgault

4th Best Bird in Show
Cinnamon Cockatiel hen
shown by Pat Tucker

5th Best Bird in Show
Bronze Canary
shown by Tim Roche

Division Finals






The Hall

Here are couple of shots of the show hall.  This is the location for our 2000 show and Bird Marts.

Before the action start the secretaries and stewards get birds ready to go.
It's after 10 Am and the show hall starts to fill up.

More Show Pictures

One of our members has quite a few pictures her son took.
Click to see more.

Photos by Allen Fox.  Photos may not be reproduced without the written permission of BOAF or photographer.

Last Update May 19, 2000 .